Many people, both young and old, experience a sexual problem during their lifetime. This is normal.
Most sexual problems disappear on their own after a short time. They are often caused by:

Common sexual problems

Common sexual problems are:

Pornography addiction

Some people get addicted to pornography. It is OK to watch pornography, but watching it too much and too often can become a problem. It can cause you to have unrealistic expectations of sex. It can also have an influence on your social life or cause tensions in your relationship.

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Family doctor
You can talk to a family doctor about almost every intimate issue. If necessary the family doctor can refer you to a specialised health professional. Find a family doctor in your neighbourhood:
You can visit a family doctor in a community health centre. Other care professionals such as nurses and social workers also work at community health centres. Care is provided free of charge. Find a community health centre in your neighbourhood:
Therapy for sexual problems. A sexologist looks for a solution through conversations with one or both partners. Find a sexologist in your neighbourhood:
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