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Read the text together, the two languages side by side 

Your foreign language client does not always understand you. And you cannot check websites or brochures in other languages for correctness. 

  1. With Zanzu, you regain that control. You can easily search for your own information and change the language. 
  2. Search your topic in the website Select your client’s language.
  3. Turn your screen and let your client read it

The translation of the information you are looking for appears next to the Dutch text. This way, you can read in Dutch, while your clients read in their own language. 

Through Zanzu's bilingual function, I was able to look up the right material very quickly and show it in Portuguese. 

Erika Delporte, Institute of Tropical Medicine 

Have the text read out loud in your client's language

Not every foreign language client can read fluently. And your client may not be eager to tell you.

Have the info read out loud in your client's language, with the integrated read-aloud function.

I recently spoke with a man who speaks Arabic and doesn’t know a lot of Dutch.
With him, I used the Zanzu sound function. It's very practical, especially if you're not sure if people can read.

Erika Delporte, Institute of Tropical Medicine

Have the entire page read aloud or directly select the right fragment. That way, you can skip irrelevant general info. Your client will get to hear immediately what matters to him or her. 

Refer to the right specialist

You cannot know everything. Some questions are too complicated or beyond the scope of your job. If this is the case, Zanzu will help you to refer clients. 

Up-to-date specialists are listed on each page. 

Hand out business cards

If you often work with Zanzu, you will easily remember the name. But that’s different for your clients. 

In that case, a Zanzu business card with a link to the website is a practical reminder.  Order the free cards and hand them out to your clients. 

Yes, send me the free cards! 

Any questions?

Do you find it difficult to talk about sexuality with foreign language speakers?  Would you like to discover how Zanzu can help you? 

Zanzu training will teach you how to use Zanzu in your conversations with foreign language speakers. And you learn to talk about sexual health without embarrassment. 

After the training you will be able to: 

  • Get started with concrete tips to communicate with foreign language speakers 
  • Talk about sexual health easily with a step-by-step plan 
  • Use Zanzu during talks or training 

Learn to talk about sexual health with foreign language speakers 

Zanzu illustrations, promotional posters and condoms

You may use the illustrations on Zanzu.be for your work, e.g. for presentations and training courses. You are not allowed to publish them, e.g. on a website or in a brochure, without Sensoa's permission. Send me the link to the download files

Would you like to have promotional material for Zanzu? Request it for free, you only pay the shipping costs:

  • You can hang the Zanzu promo posters in a waiting room or any other room. Order Zanzu posters
  • You can request condoms for training activities and counselling. Request condoms.