Respecting your partner means that you take into account his/her feelings, wishes and rights.
If you respect your partner, you show that you are positive about him or her. It means you also respect your partner’s limits.

If you do not respect your partner, you should rethink how you want to continue. You decide what your limits are. You can also seek professional help.

A man and a woman showing respect for each other


Respect hebben voor uw partner betekent dat u rekening houdt met zijn/haar gevoelens, wensen en rechten.
Als u uw partner respecteert, toont u dat u positief staat tegenover hem of haar. Dit betekent ook dat u uw partners grenzen respecteert.

Als uw partner u niet respecteert, moet u nadenken over hoe u verder wilt. U beslist zelf wat uw grenzen zijn. U kunt ook professionele hulp zoeken.

Een man en een vrouw die respect tonen voor elkaar

More information or help needed?

CAW - Centrum Algemeen Welzijn
Centre for general well-being - Help with all kinds of issues: a difficult relationship, medical, financial, administrative, legal or material problems, family problems,... CAWs also provide assistance to victims of violence and abuse. Find a CAW in your neighbourhood:
Free telephone number for an answer to all questions regarding violence.
1712 (9-17h)
Collectif contre les Violences Familiales et l’Exclusion (Collective against Family Violence and the Exclusion) - Help in case of partner violence
04 223 45 67 (24h/24)
Centre for prevention, counselling and treatment of sexually abuse behaviour. Help and counseling for perpetrators of sexual violence, persons who have questions about their sexual behaviour and anybody with questions regarding sexual violence.
02 512 62 43 (9-16h)
Assistance in a life threatening situation
SOS Viol
Psychological, legal and social help in case of indecent assault or rape
02 534 36 36
Information on marriage migration, mixed marriages and relationships, and gender
02 220 38 95
Family doctor
You can talk to a family doctor about almost every intimate issue. If necessary the family doctor can refer you to a specialised health professional. Find a family doctor in your neighbourhood:
Community health centre (wijkgezondheidscentrum)
You can visit a family doctor in a community health centre. Other care professionals such as nurses and social workers also work at community health centres. Care is provided free of charge. Find a community health centre in your neighbourhood: